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requester names inside each caption when you click UvU<3 

gumball and number 1? :D


lol wth gil, this is a weird color palette for pg xD

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either fionna has no concept of bras/wrappings since she was raised by a cat and surrounded by guys all the time orrrr it got ripped off along with her shirt hahah-/shot//

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one reason he lets fionna bake with him 

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and then fionna starts counting to 60

old iscribble stufff (except the last one was lined and colored in sai)

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I was fooling around and made my first gif with it too xD (but since I was just playing, I wasn’t thinking about how it’d effect the colors so it’s poop), but I’ll let y’alls see it cuz it’s my first gif so why not /shrug//

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rps tend to influence what ships I draw

I couldn’t help it when I saw this.